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What makes a mortgage brokerage great at what they do boils down to two things; the deal you got, and how much you trusted your brokerage throughout the entire process. Here is our undeniable track-record.


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The Kinfolk Process

First Date, Kinda Nervous

This is the stage you’re most likely at; helping us understand what you’re trying to accomplish. The best part, is unlike most lenders, we don’t have to pull your credit to give you a quote and show you the power of wholesale pricing.

In-House Pro's

At Kinfolk, we do all of our processing in-house, so that when we send your file down to underwriting, we move seamlessly and get you closed quickly. Our team of processors are amongst some of the best in the industry boasting over 45 years of combined experience.

Top 100

With over 41,000 Mortgage Brokers in the United States, Kinfolk is in the top 100 with not 1, but two lenders we use to shop the best deal for you. This means, that we get access to the top underwriters in the industry as well. Giving you, unparalleled customer service, and gets you to the closing table, faster.

Industry Leaders

Unveiling what other lenders wont

One of the biggest complaints about the mortgage industry is misinformation, so let's clear a few things up.

The Right to Shop

Over 82% of lenders won't inform you that you have a 45 day window to have any lender have access to your credit report without it impacting your credit score.

Seller Concessions

When buying a home, a little over 87% of buyers are not aware that you can have the closing costs covered by the seller in the form of seller concessions. Most inexperienced agents won't even ask as part of their offer. That's why working with a pro on both fronts, matter.

You Choose the Rate

A staggering 93% of consumers are not aware that YOU, the customer selects the rate that you want. Most lenders/loan officers will simply select the rate that makes their offer the most appealing, rather than what makes the most sense for you.

Don't just take our word for it


Charles S.

After that I got many many phone calls from different companies offering their services even saying that they are different. One of those companies was Kinfolk Home Loans. After a short conversation I said no thanks and hung up. One thing that Tomer Greenfield said before I hung up was that Banks don’t specialize in Home loans specifically- it is just some of the loans they offer but they don’t have to keep up with changes every year. That stuck with me.

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Monica R.

The Kinfolk Team was very friendly and knowledgeable. Tomer was our point person and we very much enjoyed working with him. He had excellent follow through and consistently executed. Casey was so insightful and offered us great options for our situation during the process. It was overall a professional experience for my husband and I.

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Edward C.

A great team I learned a lot from you guys I now know the difference between good business and bad …. I’ll be looking forward to continue doing business with you in the near future thank you.

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